Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Question time in parliament

was an even bigger shambles than usual yesterday.
It was only to be expected that the Opposition would fire at the Government over the ousting of one Prime Minister in favour of another. That they did this themselves is, of course, beside the point. That they not only did it but recycled a previous Prime Minister is also beside the point. They had ammunition and they used it.
There is also the ongoing saga of "did he or didn't he help out a mate? 
A neighbour passed on a "report" written by someone else involved in the latter saga.  If it really is an official report by a high ranking border force person then it is a disgrace. It reads like a very bad attempt to write the opening chapter to a first spy novel with romantic  overtones.  The person who wrote it lost their job over another issue and is bitter and angry. He is milking the situation - and so is the Opposition.
Closer to home the union movement is threatening strike action because of "privatisation" - something they could have avoided by making more reasonable demands over the years.  That is going to end in tears for both sides because the money is no longer there to give them what they are demanding. The issue is taking up time that needs to be spent on other things.
Mind you the "officials" are running around all the sports venues with a view to the 2026 Commonwealth Games. I suppose that's a bit like offering people cake instead of bread to eat?
Whatever was going on yesterday our elected representatives  were not running the country. 
I am off to hand back beautifully made craft work to people instead. It will be a pleasure.

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Jodiebodie said...

I wish the governing party would 'get over itself' after allegedly spending 6 hours selecting one candidate for one seat!

Then this morning I heard talk of finding government money to build yet another sports stadium (or two) to replace one that is currently functional. Meanwhile housing affordability is decreasing, homelessness is on the rise, those lucky enough to have public housing are having their rents put up, even though they are the people who can least afford it, and in the same stroke of a pen, the chair of the housing authority got a pay rise (double the pay of the predecessor apparently). Watching on are the multitudes who need dental treatment who cannot afford it because it isn't covered by Medicare.