Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why do eating places insist

on offering you far more than you can possibly eat? It seems a dreadful waste of food. I will not say a waste of good food because I sometimes wonder at the quality as well.
We do not eat out very often. We may do it twice a year with my aunt. At that time we will go to simple, cheap and cheerful places that she occasionally uses when she cannot be bothered to go home and cook for herself between whatever she is doing. (My aunt is not much older than I am and still leads a very busy life.)
Then we occasionally go out with a couple who prefer not to entertain at home. Again we try not to go to places which are too expensive and will sometimes return to a place we have been to before. I dread such occasions and my father also feels uncomfortable as neighter of us are "big eaters". The sight of a huge plate of food dampens our appetites rather than enhances them. Over the years we have tried a range of places with this couple. The nicest of these was the small French restaurant which has now closed because the owner has retired. It really was small. The menu was limited but it was superbly cooked and presented - and cheap with it. Josephine was exceptional.
Yesterday we tried another new place. It was recommended to us by friends. They said the food was good and that it was not too expensive. I always wonder about such recommendations. Most people I know spend far more eating out than we do. They "stop for a coffee" and that will mean a slice of cake or a scone as well. They know all the local eateries well. We rarely enter them.
I therefore wondered whether the place we went to would live up to reports of what it was like. It is an organic greengrocer and grocery that has gradually developed a small restaurant on the side. The food is, naturally, organic and largely vegetarian. The place is popular enough that it is necessary to book.
The menu is limited but, within that, quite varied. Having managed to learn something from experience we inquired about portion sizes....and received a surprise.
The little waitress smiled at us and said, "We are more than happy to split anything on the menu between two."
My father and I smiled at the waitress and asked for a split serve of the vegetable burger on sourdough rye bread with salad. It was delicious - and just the right quantity.
I wish more places did that sort of thing.


Sheeprustler said...

So do I! We eat out a lot, I must admit, though never 'posh' places, and for various medical reasons I can only eat small quantities. That doesn't mean I don't want to eat good healthy food though! I usually just order an entree, but would often like a half serve of a main but that is never offered. Occasionally I don't order anything but pick at other people's plates, but restaurants don't like that much. (Asian places where sharing is expected are better at that sort of thing, you can order one less dish than people present and they don't comment). I miss the pub we used to go to in England where they would produce a child-sized portion of almost anything on the menu when asked (and in fact whip up other child favorites that weren't on the menu if you were a regular and asked!)

catdownunder said...

I sympathise - we have issues here as well. The other thing that really worries me is the waste!
More places should do child size portions - or even senior citizen size for people like my father!