Monday 20 December 2010

I have a small brown bear sitting on my bed

at present. He spent the night with me.
Now I do not usually spend the night with stuffed toys but I had to make an exception for this one. He was "lonely".
He was accidentally left behind yesterday. His owner was in tears, awash with tears.
"I left Bear at your place!" the wail down the 'phone line was as full of misery as it is possible to be at the age of three.
"Yes, I know. It's all right. "
"I want him right now."
There was no way that could be arranged short of sending him in a taxi by himself. I explained this. He is not big enough to go by himself. He would not be able to pay the taxi driver. I promised I would look after him.
"What does he like to eat?" I asked. Silence apart from the sobbing. I suggest a "honey crackle" because "bears like honey". Yes, that will do.
"Is he allowed to watch television?"
"A little bit."
"And what time does he have to go to bed?"
"After his bath but he just watches me do that!" The tears threaten again,
"Well I will make sure he goes to bed at the right time."
"You absolutely promise?"
"I promise."
So I went to bed with a bear.
I have to look this child in the eye this morning and say, "Yes I went to bed with your bear. I looked after your bear properly."
I could have lied but I am not going to. Children know the difference.


Old Kitty said...

The brown bear is in safe hands and I hope he gets reunited with his owner soon!

I remember once telling my nephew - who was 4 years old then - that "little people used magic" to propel his disabled aunt's electric chair up the staircase. Silly me thought that would be enough of an explanation but of course he wanted to know why, how, when, what, where.

I wished I had just taken the manual out and read it to him!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Yep, kids know the difference! You have to choose the white lies vary carefully so they don't came back at you big time!

Judy B

Sheeprustler said...

You did exactly the right thing! And I hope the bear felt well looked after, bears' feelings are as important as their owners' :)

catdownunder said...

Bear has been reunited - has been told off "for being naughty" and then hugged - and taken the owner to see where he slept....phew!

Rachel Fenton said...

Awe - you are a sweetie.

catdownunder said...

No just a human sort of cat Rachel!