Monday, 22 December 2014

How long is it going to

take for me to catch up with my neighbour?
"Come and see the stable Cat," she invited late on Saturday afternoon.
The phone rang so we agreed, "Later."
And the phone rang again. And then it was time to deal with the Senior Cat's snack and, when I looked, the neighbour had visitors.
Right. I did not interrupt.
Sunday. One does not go to visit neighbours too early on Sundays. They might still be in bed or at church or somewhere else. I was going to prowl over just after lunch but the Senior Cat was late home. I saw their car leave when I was putting the newspapers in the bin. Oh.
In the middle of the afternoon they were back and I was about to leave the house to try again when we had an unexpected visitor. By the time he left it was that awkward "get meal ready" time. I did not go over and, as I was doing the meal preparation, the phone rang. 
Our friend Polly wanted to bring us the Christmas cake she had made for the Senior Cat. I had made her a gingerbread Christmas tree. There would be no prowling off to the neighbour.
So, today, I will try again. The stable has been constructed. I have to see this. It might start to feel a bit like Christmas then.
We haven't put a tree up - we never do. We haven't put the Christmas cards out. (They are sitting in a pile.) We haven't put the Christmas wreath on the door. (My fault. I can't find it - or did the Senior Cat "put it somewhere that we will be able to find it"?)
I have wrapped the books. Everyone is getting books from me - and the Senior Cat is also getting some fiendishly difficult wooden puzzles. Hopefully this will keep his mind and paws occupied and, if I find the Christmas decorations, I will hide them where I can find them for next year.
And, if the phone doesn't ring and we don't have visitors then I will go and see the stable - purrhaps?


jeanfromcornwall said...

Good luck!

catdownunder said...

I finally managed it Jean - the stable is being propped up (from the inside) with cardboard from a wine box!

Sheeprustler said...

I have a very British feeling approach to 'casual' visits - I prefer to organise an actual Time! I like the sound of the puzzles for the Senior Cat - one of G's presents is an 'interesting' puzzle that he will either finish instantly or will take him weeks.

catdownunder said...

I really have to agree Judy - much better to know when people are coming. Especially so for me when I work from home! I'll try to remember to let you know what the Senior Cat thinks of his puzzles