Thursday, 7 November 2019

The local train service

actually did as it should do yesterday - got me where I needed to go.
I had to go to the other bank because I had a small cheque to put in. When I was given the cheque I realised I can simplify life for the person who wrote it and myself by providing her with a "BSB" number and an account number. I will do that but the cheque meant a trip to that bank.  
I also had something else to deliver to another location. Middle Cat was taking the Senior Cat out to do yet something else. It meant I could do both things - if I planned it carefully.
I pedalled off in time to go to the untidy shop first as I had also promised to get some cotton for an elderly neighbour. That done I went to the bank. There was, inevitably, a queue. I waited...and waited some more.
     "Sorry to keep you waiting," the person who served me said. It wasn't her fault so I just smiled and muttered the usual things. We dealt with the issue of the cheque. 
I then realised I would miss not just either of the trains I had planned to catch but that the next one would not stop where I needed to get off. I had to get something for the Senior Cat at the supermarket - so I did a quick prowl into one of the two in the shopping centre. Of course the layout is different and that took longer than I thought it might.
I eventually found and bought the said item and pedalled off to the railway station near that shopping centre. Two trains went through as I was going up the long ramp - both of them running late. Grrr....
I could have caught one of  those!
I waited...there was announcement that the next one was running late too. But, it arrived eventually. The driver even gave me a nod to indicate he had seen me and my tricycle. (I can take this on the train.) The platform is almost level with the train. It is easy to get it on and off there - one reason for planning the journey as I had.
At the other end it is a little more difficult but again the driver indicated that he had seen me by giving me a thumb up in the mirror and a nice young man helped me alight. 
I delivered the item I needed to deliver. I returned to the station and waited....and waited. There was trouble somewhere down the track. The "down" train could not leave the city because the "up" train was stuck somewhere and there was no crossing loop between the two. 
Eventually the problem must have been sorted out because there was the welcome sight of the city bound train...and then, my train!
However my waiting time was not wasted. I knitted and I read a book - a book I need to read rather than want to read. 
I came home to a quiet house. The Senior Cat was still out with Middle Cat. I made a large mug of tea and foraged for a rather late lunch.
The trains had actually got me where I needed to go - home again!

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