Wednesday 21 February 2024

The men who knit you know

nothing about.

This will be a very short post this morning. (Your resident cat is attempting to keep the garden alive in the heat so watering needs to be done.) 

But, I do have something to tell you. Middle Cat and I had to do some work on "the problem" - i.e. all the paper work surrounding the Black Cat's demands. So we got together yesterday afternoon and, when we had done it we did a little essential green-grocery shopping. As I was selecting more tomatoes (mine having given up in extreme heat of the past couple of days) someone spoke to me.

"Are you the person who usually wears her bicycle helmet?" 

I said "Yes" and wondered what was coming. 

"You know M.... don't you and she suggested asking you..." And then he was telling me about what he was knitting and what he needed. Now any intelligent individual will realise that men do knit. It was a male occupation long before it was taken over by machines. Women do it largely for pleasure less so.

But here was a young man, a student, who knits not just for pleasure but for others. He showed me pictures on his phone over the many smaller garments he has made. Most of them are pullovers with simple designs on them.

"And now I thought I'd like to try some animals...things like koalas and kangaroos. M....said you might have some ideas. Can you help?"

Yes, I can...and willingly. He gave me his email and I have just sent off the charts for him to use. I have told him he can come back to me if he gets intro strife. And, somewhere in a war torn part of the world, there will be some young boys warmer next winter. 

He told me, "You see I need to do it because somebody did it for me." 

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