Friday, 27 March 2009

Has our national security...

been breached by the Defence Minister's association with a Chinese businesswoman? The media is suggesting that the Defence Signals Directorate has been illegally investigating the Minister. It seems that the Minister needs to give permission for anyone, including himself, to be investigated. The Minister also claims that the investigation is 'sour grapes' and put in place by people who do not like the proposed 'reforms' the Minister wishes to put in place.
I am sure that all this would make for an excellent episode of Yes Minister.
There are some concerns however. The businesswoman has close associations with the Chinese government. These are already of concern to security. The Minister has accepted two trips to China paid for by her - and he failed to declare them until they were exposed by the investigation. He rents a house from her in Canberra, supposedly at market rent.
Our Mandarin speaking Prime Minister naturally views his Chinese friends in a very favourable light (and has undoubtedly put pressure on others to accept the Chinalco deal). He sees China as the economic saviour of the world.
The majority of those living in China are undoubtedly ordinary, decent human beings. As a country however China is socially, morally and economically bankrupt. Mr Rudd needs to look beyond China and he also needs to sack his Defence Minister. He cannot afford to take the risk of further possible security breaches.

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