Friday, 20 March 2009

My cousin sent a picture....

of the 'house' they intend to live in for three months. This house is in the slums of Manila. It is really a shack made from rubbish but, she tells me, it has a concrete floor and a toilet - of sorts.
Now I would not take six kids from 3-16 to live in the slums of Manila. I would not not take them to visit. I don't think this is missionary work at all. This is putting the lives of children at risk. It is not giving them a worthwhile experience. (If they want to do some worthwhile missionary work there is plenty to be done here in Oz for a start.)
I really do wonder if they have thought this through. I am the worrying kind. I have too much imagination. My immediate thoughts were of all the things that might go wrong. Even then I underestimated. Another friend, a doctor, added another pile of health risks. The thought of them going terrifies my father and, I think, their grandparents. But, go they almost certainly will.
And health risks? I am reading "$29billion reasons to lie about cholesterol" by Justin Smith. The book appears to be well researched but it is spoilt by very poor proof reading. I wonder whether this is due to haste to get the book out or sabotage. It seems unlikely that the author would confuse 'yolk' with 'yoke' and to spell 'dying' as 'dieing' also seems unlikely.

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