Thursday, 19 March 2009

We went to see....

Dean Spanley last night. It was a rather strange film - clever, funny and yet poignant. Peter O'Toole was excellent as the older Mr Fisk. The storyline - or should one say character development - was definitely off-beat.
Looking towards that kept me from thinking too much about Shan who made her debut with Singapore National Youth Orchestra in the Vivaldi Double Cello concerto last night. Okay so at 13 she drives her mother mad at times, as an adopted aunt/godmother I just get the fun at a distance - until she does something like that and I feel every bit as nervous for her as a parent.
My youngest nephew is driving his mother crazy too - but I warned him that studying Law is not exactly exciting. If he finishes - and it looks as if he might stick with it - then he will go places but he would have been better off taking a year out between school and university. It should be compulsory for ALL students....a year's national service of some kind (not necessarily military) would be good for all kids. If we can't have that then potential university students should have a gap year in order to grow up and be sure that they actually do want to go to university. Not everyone would agree but it seems to work well for many students in the UK.

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