Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The childishness of politicians

never ceases to amaze me. I know I should be used to it by now. I am, after all, old. I am old enough to know better.
Politicians are a breed apart. They can never get enough publicity. They are worse than film stars or pop groups. They behave just as badly and often far worse.
Our Beloved Leader of the State refused to open an art exhibition yesterday. Why? His ex-girlfriend was in the audience. It could have been potentially embarrassing.
Now I have problems with this. For starters the event was a public event. Anyone could attend. No doubt there were people there who do not vote for the Beloved Leader's party. Any one of them could have kicked up a fuss. There is, apparently, no evidence to suggest that the ex-girlfriend wishes to have anything to do with him or that she was there to make any sort of fuss. To the contrary. She has made her fuss elsewhere and it is having far reaching consequences for her and not the Beloved Leader.
Then there is the issue that we live in a pretty small place. Encounters of a close kind are to be expected. The residents of our fair city are used to the occasional embarrassing encounter with someone they do not wish to meet. Most of them grit their teeth and move on. They do not make a fuss.
There is also an election coming up. If our Beloved Leader is not prepared to represent all residents of the state then perhaps he should consider leaving politics, making way for someone else?
Of course it was all carefully stage managed. It was carefully designed to try and obtain sympathy for the Beloved Leader. It was a planned 'event' - down to the demand by owner of the gallery that the ex-girlfriend leave.
It was just another cheap publicity stunt.


Rachel Fenton said...

How disgusting - what a poor "stunt"! Someone remind me just what has changed in politics over the last hundred years?

Whatever next - I cannot give a speech, some of my constituents are in the audience, they might recognise me!?

catdownunder said...

Well, political correctness gone crazy but you cannot advertise for a 'reliable' worker - because it discriminates against the unreliable! I ask you...our Beloved Leader knows how to manipulate the media. It will be interesting to see what the letters page has to say tomorrow!