Thursday, 14 January 2010

I am surfacing for air

after having taken a deep dive into the world of earthquakes and French creole and frantic demands for things to be done not right now but before I even know they need to be done. The news about the earthquake in Haiti came through even before it hit the headlines here. An aid worker already in Haiti managed to get a message out, "XXL E BP" (major earthquake - be prepared.)
As always I cannot fully imagine the devastation. I do not want to know. I am not sure I could handle it. Disaster scenes are war zones. If you want to help you have to switch one part of your mind off and concentrate on what you can do. I think that is how those who go into help cope. You have to have priorities. If it is well done it will still be chaos but organised chaos. It if it is not well done it will a further catastrophe. Politics and poverty will get in the way. That is particularly true of Haiti.
So, okay we are getting there. I am always astounded by the micro-aid workers that drop everything and fly out, sometimes within hours of a disaster. They keep a bag packed. They have family and colleagues organised. Their work lets them go. They get the little things done.
It is the little things that get the big things done.


Rachel Fenton said...

Was reading this earlier and didn't comment because there's nothing I can say really. Things need to be done, not said.

catdownunder said...

I agree - I have been doing of course but I wanted to give any stray visitors to my blog something to think about. (I assume all regular readers think about these things anyway!)

Old Kitty said...


Horrible news indeed and for this to devastation happening to a country already struggling is just unbelievable.

Please may I ask that people do something proactive like donate (it doesn't have to be money) to the emergency earthquake appeal set up by charities like Oxfam. Or to support others like Medecin Sans Frontieres.


Take care