Friday, 1 January 2010

I am hanging on by a paw

this morning. Yesterday it was more like a single claw. It was too hot. I hate my birthday and... well forget the rest.
2010: I have this vision of myself crouched over the keyboard, paws at the ready. I pat the keyboard tentatively. Am I stroking the right keys? Will anyone read this? Will the crevices in between the keys get clogged with stray hair or will I be able to keep them clean? Will my whiskers keep in tune with my paws? Will my tail twitch in time?
I want to finish the current book. It's a sequel (of sorts) to the previous one. This is a problem. If there are any inconsistencies Ms Whirlwind will inform me of them very rapidly - and her friends will probably find some more. My fur will undoubtedly be rearranged by a brisk brushing rather than a soothing stroking and a little scratch between the ears. I have vague plans for a third book but there are other places to explore as well. I need to prowl - but prowl with caution. I want to pad along and visit my cyber friends and listen to their words. I want to participate in providing purrs and pats and the occasional prod.
I want to spend time on my bookstack with my paws tucked neatly beneath me, tail twirled into a question mark of contemplation. I want to purr, purr loudly and positively.


Catherine Hughes said...

Hi Cat!

I always find that, if i cannot muster genuine positivity, fake works just as well until the real deal kicks in. Fake it till you make it, y'know?

Hope you have a fantastic 2010 - may it be the year of teh struggling writer!

Cat Too x

catdownunder said...

Thanks Cat Too! I remember mustering fake interest in certain subjects (most subjects?) at law school. It helped! I will get through.

Rachel Fenton said...

Tha hardest part of anything is the getting started - time has taken care of that for you! Now you merely have to keep the momentum going!

catdownunder said...

I will not let obstacles get in the way. I will not let obstacle defeat me. Catherine Hughes and I are going to come out on top by the end of this year...want to join us...there's room on my bookstack for all of us!

Catherine Hughes said...

Ha, yes, I did a Law degree, too!!