Friday, 2 April 2010

April Fool's Day was marked

by the usual idiocy. I was not fooled by a very official looking document from someone in government concerning daylight saving. The very fact that there was 'an urgent need to give South Australians an extra thirty minutes of daylight' gave the game away.
Unfortunately it was taken seriously by someone who has a limited understanding of English. He passed it on to me because he thought it would necessitate making new arrangements to get to the airport and pick up an elderly relative. When I tried to explain it was a "joke" and what April Fool's Day was he went ahead and 'phoned the perpetrator of the joke to ask if it was indeed a joke. The idiot then went ahead and assured him it was a government directive. It took several phone calls to sort out the resultant confusion.
I like jokes - but not when they are taken that far. When you come from a background where the government dictates everything you do, the way you do it and even what you wear while you are doing it then you will be inclined to believe officialdom however ridiculous it may seem.
That sorted we had two mail deliveries yesterday. We are still puzzling over this. We had no mail on Wednesday. The postman went straight past. Good. No bills. Yesterday there was a demand from the gas company (small) and the electricity supplier (somewhat larger). Bad. Bills in both deliveries. The postman claimed he only delivered once. He must have put our mail in the letter box over in the units across the road...again. We are lucky they bother to pass it on.
What did arrive in the second delivery was a DVD from my brother. He makes excellent short films for the family. Of course he has all the necessary equipment to do this but he is also capable of editing so that the result is not the usual mish-mash of repeats, wobbly camera work and shots of feet rather than heads. This one was a mere six minutes of the new infant, her parents, and her grandparents. Her great-grandfather is still smiling.


Old Kitty said...

Glad the day ended well!

Roll on 2 April..!

Take care

Rachel Fenton said...

My daughter's due date was meant to be April 1st! Glad she arrived earlier! Her delivery was no joke though!

Great present to end the daftness with.

catdownunder said...

April 1? Definitely not a good day for a birthday!

Rachel Fenton said...

I know - I did ask the midwife if she was joking but she didn't see the funny side!