Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It was not a quiet day

after all, although it should have been.
We had a knock at the front door - more of a bang, bang, bang really. I should have realised that there was something wrong then. No, it was not an emergency and nobody was hurt.
There was an elderly woman standing there with a small dog of indeterminate breed. It kept winding itself around her legs and snapping at me.
What did she want? She began a long winded story about 'the man from Neighbourhood Watch'. I eventually sorted out that she was talking about the Area Coordinator. Right.
Now I know who she was talking about. What was she talking about? I have no idea. It was a muddle of something to do with someone who rides a red gopher. My father has a gold gopher. No hers is not gold but silver and this one is red. Yes, but why are you telling me this? It is because someone rides a red gopher and the Area Coordinator and well this person who rides the gopher but it cannot be your father and the police took away my car and I do not ride my gopher because I have hurt my arm and...
Twenty minutes later she decided it was time to go and I gently shut the front door. She quite possibly should not be wandering the streets even with a dog to look after her. She is clearly on the verge of not being able to care for herself. One of her neighbours has said as much to me.
It was at the point that my father wandered in and demanded to know what she wanted. He has left me to handle her alone and now he wants to know? I explain I do not really know even now. He rushes for the 'phone and rings the Area Coordinator. Yes, he has casually mentioned that my father rides a gopher. He does not think this woman should be riding hers and she lacks confidence and is almost certainly in the early stages of Alzheimer's.
My father is impulsive. He will always try to help if he thinks he can. He will 'phone this woman, go and see her. Why? Well she probably should not be riding a gopher. I explain to him that she is not riding her gopher because she has 'hurt her arm' and I believe that in reality she knows somewhere in her confused state that she should not be riding a gopher.
No, that is not good enough. He will have to see her. He has, after all 'promised' the Area Coordinator.
I try to explain that it would be wiser not to encourage this woman. I know where she lives. She has good neighbours in the units either side of her. They will watch out for her. If he encourages her by taking an interest she will be backwards and forwards as long as she can find her way here. I will be the one who will answer the door and endure the snapping little dog. It makes not the slightest bit of difference. He has 'promised' the Area Coordinator that he will talk to her and I will know 'just how to handle her if she turns up again'.
Is it possible to be too kind?


Pen said...

Oh, your Dad sounds sweet. I think mine would do the same thing.

I think my conscience would probably pick at me for a while after a scenario like this. Asking annoying questions like "Is that old lady is okay?" And making suggestions like "Maybe you should suggest her neighbours keep a close eye on her. Maybe you should drop by some time..."

LOL! I think it really is a conscience issue.

catdownunder said...

Ah yes Pen - and I do with too many now but, thankfully, I know she has neighbours that keep an eye on her. Too many people have nobody so if they have somebody I am happy to leave it at that and concentrate on those that have nobody.
How's your dragon?