Monday, 19 April 2010

I am off to the dentist this morning

and it seems as if I was just there recently. I detest going to the dentist. To make matters worse it is (a) raining - although we need that so I will put up with getting wet - and (b) the first day back at school after the Easter break - that means a lot more traffic on the roads.
The dentist insists on seeing me at regular intervals - fair enough - but do other people actually go through this torture as well?
The dentist, her name is Sue, is a nice person. We actually get on quite well together. In another life, another existence, we might be quite friendly. In the life of my teeth however...
This is - supposedly - a check up. She will find something to do. I will be relieved I have dental cover.
After that there is a little list of things to do, go to the bank, go to the post office, pay a bill, visit the old-fashioned 'health food' shop (where things still come in bins and tubs) and talk to someone in the ticket office at the main railway station.
I have lunch part prepared and I have packed essential reading in my rucksack so I will not 'waste time'. Now what else do I need to do? Yes, yes I do understand that none of this is actually 'work'. I was up at 5am to do some 'real' work.


Old Kitty said...


oooh Dentists. Yuck. No matter how friendly they are, dentists hurt your teeth! Hence I try to avoid going as much as possible until something in my mouth screams in agony and I have to listen to it!

Good luck with your visit- I hope that it'll be over quickly.


Take care

Holly said...

actually similar to dinner conversation tonight with dentist friend. Her point is that people "expect a diagnosis" Never mind that - you are great, come back next year! should be the goal.

catdownunder said...

I don't know what it is Holly. I would be happy for Sue to say "See you in 12 months unless you have a problem"!
Dentists now seem more worried than their patients. They need to 'watch' this or that or the other thing. They say 'you need to see the hygienist'. People managed for years without seeing such a person - especially without seeing them twice a year. Suddenly it is 'essential' - and not just for me. I do wonder....