Friday, 9 July 2010

I am almost asleep at the pedals

this morning. No, for once I did not need to sit up working most of the night. I was kept awake by two people having a conversation out in the street, then an alarm somewhere nearby.
I am puzzled by both these things.
First of all why would anyone want to have a conversation out in the cold in the wee small hours of the morning? It makes no sense to me. Are conversations not better conducted in relative warmth and comfort? The two involved seemed friendly enough if the loud laughter was anything to go by. Perhaps they were drunk. I felt too intimidated to investigate...and it really was cold out there.
The alarm might have come from anywhere. Presumably someone had tried to break in to one of the alarmed premises around here. It was almost certainly not a domestic alarm. Neighbourhood Watch has at least made most people aware and able to handle such situations for their neighbours. The only thing I can say is that it would have been much worse for the people in the immediate vicinity.
Come sunrise and the smallest honey eaters were having a conference outside my window. I can handle that. They are a delight to watch. One of them was playing a wonderful "game" of dancing from one power line to another. In between he was doing helicopter like twirls. There was no apparent purpose in all this. It was just being done for the sheer fun of it. There were other birds in the dawn chorus as well. They do not bother me. I am annoyed by the alarm.
Now we have our neighbour at the back hard at it again. He is a nice enough man but he is building an extension to his house. It involves the use of a lot of noisy tools and the radio turned to one of those stations where there is incessant, mindless chatter interspersed with the sort of "music" I cannot tolerate. In order to hear it at all our builder has it turned up loud enough for everyone to hear it.
Am I being unreasonable? Do I just need ear plugs?


Rachel Fenton said...

Double glazing would do it.

catdownunder said...

Mmm expensive unfortunately...and we have just had eight and a half hours without power!