Monday, 26 July 2010

There was a debate last night,

one of those televised election 'debates' that have become part of the political scene over the past few years.
I did not watch the entire thing, just the short excerpt shown on the news services. Comments in the local press this morning are very muted. This may have something to do with the perceived performances of the candidates. I do not know. Not having seen it I cannot comment.
However, it reminded me of a 'tweet' that was passed on to me the other day. It came from Alain de Botton ("The consolations of philosophy") and is something I have been thinking about, "We dislike most people too much to do them the honour of arguing with them."
I still do not know what to make of this comment. It is a curious one. Do we only argue with people we like? Do we only argue with people we respect? Is it an honour to argue with someone - or have someone argue with us?
I think it might be much more complex than that. This was a 'tweet', not a full blown philosophical discussion, debate or argument.
It needs debate.


Sheep Rustler said...

I watched a fair bit of it. It was not very interesting. They both showed quite polished performances and Tony Abbott has improved his debating skills since the last one he did with Kevin Rudd (when they were nil). They regurgitated policies that have already been thrashed out and neither showed a spark of personality. Personally I think it was a waste of time. The whole TV debate idea comes from America, I believe, and I don't know that it really achieves much. Election campaigns tend to be very dreary. Maybe some people think that televised debates will liven the proceedings up? If so they would have been disappointed. On the other hand the Prime Minister came across as competent, which is an excellent thing in someone who is, essentially, the CEO of our country.

catdownunder said...

I have just been at a meeting, where I think it would be fair to say that the majority would be strong Labor supporters, and there was some disappointment that our "CEO" did not manage a decisive win.
I do not think 'debates' contribute much at all - except perhaps undue influence from the media!

Donna Hosie said...

As a new citizen and therefore a first time voter in this election, I was extremely disappointed in both candidates.

The issues should be: money for education, health, a growing economy and low taxation.

What we got was BOATS, BOATS and more bloody BOATS!

Politicans are obsessed with boat people, yet in terms of the bigger picture, immigrants coming here make up such a tiny proportion when compared to the influx in other countries.

Neither deserved my vote.

And if I hear "Fair Dinkum" again, I will throw something at my television.

catdownunder said...

You will probably be throwing things Donna...I want to do the same every time I hear the words "Australian working families" as well.