Thursday, 8 July 2010

I must be writing sense or

my followers have given up following me. I rather suspect the latter. The comments have been very quiet lately, although I did get a couple of rude ones in the e-mail. Thanks guys. I always knew you loved me.
I managed to write one half of a chapter yesterday while pedalling to a meeting. On the way home I had other things to think about - mostly unprintable things about the idiocy of government policy and the stupidity of ultra political correctness which gets in the way of essential services being delivered to those who need it most. Do not get me started. My Argentinian refugee friend was present at the meeting. His English is excellent but words failed him...Spain had better win the World Cup. He likened one thing to the worst excesses of a certain military regime. I can only concur.
The problem is that I came home and wrote the half a chapter I had written, that is I put it into the current work - and this morning I had to discard it. It sounds as if I was angry. It sounds as if my mind was not on the job. I need a certain degree of calm and contemplation to write.
This morning I need to go to the bank. It is a twenty minute tricycle ride each way. I can get some writing done.


Tony said...

Still following - but I am rather distracted by the World Cup at the moment ;)

Sheep Rustler said...

Not given up but tired and crotchety after a week in Canberra packing up my father's rubbish. Not in a fit state to make intelligent comments about anything - but still reading!!

catdownunder said...

Glad you are distracted Tony! I do wonder at the fuss - but then I do not know how to play soccer (or Aussie rules). The only game I know anything about is cricket - and I know almost nothing about that.
Ah my Sheep Rustling friend I can understand. My father's workshop will probably take a year to clear out - but he keeps telling me that it is "not" rubbish. I think you deserve to boil the billy and put your feet up for a bit!

Donna Hosie said...

Still following, but time poor. I'll also be honest, I only use blogger really to write and comment about writerly subjects. Your blog is becoming more of a social commentary. Definitely worth reading, but alas I don't always have the time to do the subject justice.

Anonymous said...

I read you every morning, even tho' I often have no idea of what you speak! I'm in rural central NY, certainly a different world from yours. I rarely comment on any of the blogs I read, but I want you to know I'm here.


catdownunder said...

Donna I am surprised you have time at all - you are back at work and still wonder you miss the bus stop occasionally!
Hello Anonymous - my brother has just come back from New York City. We saw it through his camera - fascinating but big and busy! The rural part is undoubtedly very different.