Monday, 9 August 2010

I am making marmalade this morning

although I thought I had done all the 'boilings' for the year. 'Boiling' is the term my paternal grandmother used to describe marmalade making. Why? I do not know.
My grandmother also had to slice her fruit, very finely, by hand. I use a nifty Swiss made cutting device. It is much faster and more efficient. This is a good thing because I am not particularly efficient or able with a knife.
The cutting device is one of those rare useful kitchen gadgets, like the one that helps to open jars. I am not particularly fond of gadgets. They are often more work than the old fashioned way of doing something. They also need to be stored. I cannot be bothered.
But I can be bothered using lovely, clean, fresh lemons that were given to me!


Rachel Fenton said...

You've just motivated me to make raspberry buns from my grandma's recipe :) Thank you.

catdownunder said...

I would give you a jar of marmalade if you were here but I don't think glass travels too well over the Tasman!

Old Kitty said...

I always love a tablespoon of marmalade in my porridge! :-)

Happy marmalade making!

Take care

catdownunder said...

Turned out okay - but cannot imagine it on porridge! That might be my Scots ancestry showing. :-)