Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I think I can tolerate the humans who

live in the house about halfway along my territory. The old one talks nicely to me even if I have to jump on the little bench to see what he is doing. (I stay out of his funny little house at the back when he is making big noises with the strange machines.) Sometimes he will pick me up and put me down on the ground again but he does it nicely. He will rub me in the right place between the ears and makes sure I am outside before he shuts the door to his little house. It is a good place to explore. There are lots of hiding places. The dust does rather get up my nose though and I sneeze then. Hmmm....most uncomfortable!
The younger human is better. She lives mostly inside the big house. She makes sure I can get in through my own special door. (It used to belong to the previous important individual who lived in that house. He was extremely old when he died. I think she still misses his company. She talks about him to me. I rather wish she would not some times but she always compares me favourably so I will tolerate that.)
I have this younger human well trained. (The older human calls her 'cat'. I am not sure why he does that but it seems to help.) When I come to visit she speaks to me sensibly not in that ridiculous sort of 'pussy' talk we so detest. If I want a little exercise she will provide the necessary ball, feather or string to chase or fight. (As a kitten I honed my mouse catching skills on her. ) There are a variety of comfortable beds in the house. One is there especially for my benefit, an old towel on her chair. She vacates it for me if she happens to be sitting on it. That does not happen often. During the day she is often to be found, usefully, in the kitchen. (I have tasted real tuna there...just the tiniest piece because she says I have my own humans to feed me. True, but unfortunate in respect of the tuna.) The other likely place is in front of the strange machine I am currently using. I have watched her work on this for hours. At first I did not understand why the little black marks moved on the page or even what they meant but she provided lap space and told me, quite sensibly, what she was doing. I was a fast learner. My only problem now is that my paws are little large for the keys. (Hers are smaller.) When she is out of the way I try my paws at a little creativity and I keep it in a secret place in this magic machine.
It is raining this morning. The humans in the other house have shut me out and gone off for the day. They do this often. It really annoys me. I had to get my paws wet coming here. I hate getting my paws wet for no good reason. If this human needs to go out she will provide a cosy space at the back where I can watch the rain.
I don't think she is going out. I hope she is not going out. I think I will go and hide behind the cushion. Purrhaps she will not notice and leave me there.

(This is a guest post by Pluto. He absolutely insisted that he had a right to one entry but I note he has failed to introduce himself properly!)


Anonymous said...

Practice makes purrfect Pluto! Well done.
Bob C-S's cat.

Anonymous said...

Lovely story; two lucky cats.

Elaine in CNY

Rachel Fenton said...

Pluto is the farthest planet (not sure it's still a planet, though) from the sun, in our solar system...I think your little Pluto is a tad more enlightened.

catdownunder said...

Purring on my lap as I type - I think it might be the fan club!