Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I have to attend a funeral today

and have been pondering such affairs. This funeral is for an elderly woman. I did not know her well but I know her daughter rather better. I like her daughter. She is one of those people whom others naturally turn to when they someone to feed their animals, water their gardens and taken in their mail while they are away. Animals and small children seek her company. She cares passionately about the environment and the world around her.
She likes music, art and gardening. She creates useful and interesting presents for her friends.
The past few years have been difficult for her. Her parents required increasing help and attention. Most of it has fallen to her. Her siblings are not as reliable.
The demands on her time have meant that she has spent less time with friends than she would like although she has kept up her responsibilities towards her neighbours.
She called in recently and spent an hour or so with me. I made a cup of tea. We sat and chatted. She was worried then her mother would not last much longer, as proved to be the case. Her father is much more physically able. Now she worries that he too may become much more dependent.
The funeral is a 'private' one. I suspect it will be a brief affair. Her mother's friends are - if alive - elderly, ill and mostly unable to attend. It is one of the necessary rituals of life and death. Selfishly, I am thankful I am not my friend at this moment.


Sheeprustler said...

I hope it is a 'good' funeral that celebrates life and acknowledges those left behind.

catdownunder said...

It was very, very simple...just an eulogy by a celebrant, 23rd Psalm, Lord's Prayer and nothing else. Appropriate for the person I think.
It was 'private'. There was lunch afterwards though - and plenty of reminisce and a little laughter.
My friend's sister brought me home (I don't drive)and she said, "That was just what Mum would have wanted. Thanks for coming." I am glad I could do that for them.