Monday, 27 September 2010

I am being told that I should be

preparing for Christmas. This seems a little early to me. However my sister informs me that "Christmas" will be held at their place this year and my brother-in-law is already feeling concerned about the state of the cobwebs in the unreachable corners of their garden shed. Then someone else informed me that they have bought all the presents they intend to give and have them wrapped and hidden in the wardrobe. Now someone else has announced that she was having a Domestic Goddess day and has started to make her Christmas cake - which has led to the discovery that someone else has already made theirs and has it "nicely maturing in alcohol". I am allergic to alcohol so the maturing part does not interest me but the part about having already made the cake worries me. (The same paragon informs me that she has made her Christmas puddings as well.)
There are other little things that are happening that say Christmas and then...Christmas. The calendars have appeared at the newsagent. The cards have appeared. The wrapping paper has appeared. There are suggestions that this or that or the other things would make a good present.
Sorry I only give two sorts of present, something I have made myself or a book. All the children of my acquaintance prefer books rather than toys. I have trained them to prefer books. Books are easy to wrap...indeed the local bookshop will even do it for me on occasion.
I suppose I had better start considering which books to give. I should make a list. I should be organised.
I should also make a list of fruitcake ingredients. I am the one who makes the cakes - yes cakes in the plural. I make one for my father and another for my sister. I make shortbread - but that can wait. Perhaps making the cake can wait too. I am not a Domestic Goddess.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to be a Domestic Goddess? It just involves more housework! :-) Chris

Joanna St. James said...

look at all the yumminess you just listed plus the books, I definitely cannot wait for christmas this year.

catdownunder said...

I just wish all the yumminess translated easily into me being a Domestic Goddess as well!