Thursday, 2 September 2010

My day has just been unorganised

by other people.
I like to start each day with a general plan. I know it needs to be flexible but I like to have some idea of what might happen because my father has reached an age where routine is good and the unexpected is not so good. He keeps saying he could not live with my sister and her family. Their lifestyle is frequently chaotic. There are two boys at university and university students, particularly those doing certain courses, do not lead regular lifestyles.
My father has also reached an age where a little 'contemplation of the eyelids' is pleasant after the midday meal. He can live without the little nap but it is still pleasant to have. Other people do not always understand this. They like to call in early in the afternoon. It seems to them to be like a good time to call. They will be on their way somewhere else. We are bound to be at home, after all why would we be anywhere else?
So, two telephone calls before 8 am "just to check that you will be there"...well father is going to his weekly exercise class. I need to go to the bank and the library and get some essential shopping done. Once I am home I have work to finish, including a large report with a much too rapidly approaching deadline. But, one person is coming from more than 100km away and the other is taking a day off work in order to try and sort out a problem. Right. Grumbling to myself I reorganise my day.
Then I realise that I have the perfect excuse not to attend an Annual General Meeting which promises to be more than a little tense. It is so good to have been unorganised by other people!


Rachel Fenton said...

Days are like paper - you can mess up one side, flip it, and still have a clean sheet to work with!

catdownunder said...

I might type that out and stick it on my computer!