Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I have lost a sock

and I am feeling more than a little frustrated by this. How can I lose a sock between my bedroom and the laundry? It is not in the bedroom, no definitely not in the bedroom. It has to be in the laundry - or tangled in the clothes I have just washed. I looked but I cannot find it.
Why should I lose just one sock, why not two socks? Why should I lose any at all. I know it has to be there somewhere!
I am fond of that sock. It is half of a pair of handknitted socks. It was made for me by a friend. She knits wonderful socks. I can knit socks but not nearly as well as she knits them. She can turn out a couple of pairs in a week without any real effort. I am slow at knitting socks and find it rather difficult, although I will always have one pair on the go for my train journeys. They usually find their way to other people so the socks my friend makes for me are important.
Her socks are not complex, fancy affairs. They may have a simple pattern in them but, more often than not, she uses the multi-colour sock wool that allows her to watch television at the same time. English is my friend's second language and she seeks out all the television programmes in her mother tongue on our multi-cultural station. She left school at the age of twelve and, although she is literate, reading is an effort for her. Now she lives alone television is her companion, so are her knitting needles.
I have to find that sock. Without it I feel a little lost. I know it has to be inside the washing. I will go back shortly and look again. Commonsense tells me it has to have hidden itself down a sleeve or somewhere similar.
The sock is striped, pale brown and green with darker brown patterning. If you happen to see it will you please send it home!


Rachel Fenton said...

I usually find lost socks inside other socks for some unfathomable reason!

Would a furry friend have wandered off with it?

Very cool (or warm) gift to have been given, by the way..

catdownunder said...

I asked Pluto - and he denies all knowledge of it! It is the oddest thing. I know I will find it but the question is - WHERE!

Anonymous said...

Our youngling is a terror for losing socks and at only 18months where on earth can he lose them? Heaven knows.

It makes me laugh and smile when we find them in the most random places, the flowerbed being the favourite, or in the cat's dishes. At least hes learning to share.

Take care and good luck with finding it.
Kate Collings
xx - always welcoming new followers xx

catdownunder said...

I love the idea that he is 'learning to share' Kate! Are you quite sure about this? :-)

Joanna St. James said...

its the dryer! it chews socks and swallows them when it thinks they are pretty.
Hi just stopped by from the blog party

JaneMarple9 said...

I hope the sock turns up (A visitor from Donna Hosie's blog, I've seen your name around!)

catdownunder said...

Found it down a shirt sleeve - my father's shirt sleeve. Now tell me how it got there?!