Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I think the Senior Cat

(aka my father) must have been playing football in his sleep again.
He usually makes his own bed but I do when I change the sheets. This morning I found the mattress half way off the base again. The sheets and blankets were a tangle and the pillow was wedged between the bed and the floor. I do not know how he manages this.
He has apparently always been a restless sleeper. His mother once told me that she used to pin the blankets around him when he was small.
He likes his blankets and will not submit to "one of those fluffy things" (a duna/duvet/eiderdown). Therefore, in winter, I have resorted to placing one blanket sideways across the bed and tucking it as far under as possible. With luck it will stay there most of the night.
In summer - and in between - it is a different story. He got up this morning complaining that he felt "a bit chilly" last night.
"Did you have a blanket on?"
"It fell off again."
Blankets, it would appear, have a life of their own. It may be time to speak firmly to the blanket and tuck it in across the bed.
However I do ask the other question,
"Apart from that, did you sleep well?"
"Oh yes."
Obviously it was a good game of football.


Anonymous said...

Does he understand the off-side rule? Chris

Anonymous said...

Dad 1

Bed 0

catdownunder said...


Sheep Rustler said...

I am a restless, football playing sleeper too, though I like doonas because they are nicer to the feel and I don't like the constriction of blankets. And I would kick of a tightly wrapped blanket anyway, so I might as well kick off something I enjoy sleeping under!