Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vintage Radio

broadcasts from Birkenhead in the Wirral. It advertises itself as a radio station for "grown ups". I rather suspect it is a radio station for grown ups who can still remember what it was like to be young.
Here is a link to their website: with information about their programmes. All those who run the station are volunteers. One of them, Roger Wright, is a friend of mine and he recently sent me and a number of other people an e-mail looking for contributions.

This is what he wrote:

Would you like to do a spoken piece to be broadcast on Vintage Radio?
We're starting a series of half-hour magazine shows, containing three or four spoken pieces of about 5-10 minutes' length (and linking music); and I'm inviting you to contribute one (or more) such pieces. Not discussions, not interviews, just an Alastair-Cooke-type comment piece on any topic that you would like to address people about. You'll be able to hear the first magazines on Tuesdays at 10.00 (etc) from next week, to see the sort of thing it is.
Think about this, anyway.
If you like, you can record and edit it here; but if not, then it's fine if you record it yourself and send it to me here as an e-mail attachment (preferably in mp3 format).
If you can think of somebody else who'd like to do this, please suggest it to them -
Ciao, Roger

If you are interested in making a contribution head to the website and make contact.

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Anonymous said...

I might if I still lived there or the house here was quiet enough to record something. No, I joke. I freeze in front of a microphone but Vintage Radio is great. I love it. Bob C-S