Sunday, 13 March 2011

Someone I know has a

relative in a hospice at the present time. Although the relative is in her eighties it is still a difficult time for them.
Just before Christmas last year I knew of someone else whose mother had been taken there. The old lady was in her eighties too. She was a German migrant and her life had not been easy. On Christmas Eve her very musical grandchildren decided that she needed a present - the present of some music. They took their instruments in and, very quietly so as not to disturb the other patients, they gave her a concert of her favourite carols. She lay there with her eyes closed but she smiled and, once, asked, "Again please" in German.
When they left the room they were stopped by one of the nurses. Were they about to be told they had disturbed other patients?
No, not at all but could they play for an old man who had no family to visit? Just the one tune. Please? He had heard them next door. It would give him so much pleasure. They crept in and played softly for him too.
They went home exhausted. In the morning there was the telephone call. Grandma had died. The old man next door had died too. Both of them had asked for "Silent Night."


Melinda Szymanik said...

that is a very moving story

Rachel Fenton said...

How very lovely and sad.

Sheep Rustler said...

When my father-in-law was still alive, my daughter used to go to the nursing home sometimes to play for the residents. It started off with her playing just for him, and then they asked if she could play for a wider audience.

It's a beautiful story and I am glad that two people died peacefully after hearing something that brought them pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cat

Jayne said...

What a wonderful gift they gave to their grandma and to the man next door. Such a moving bittersweet post. Thank you for sharing it.