Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I saw a beautiful book

yesterday. I was greatly privileged to be shown it.
It is never going to be published. Most people would not even call it a book. It is just four folded sheets of A4 size paper. Nevertheless it has a "front cover" and a "back cover" and a "title".
There are more illustrations than words. Each illustration has been drawn with extreme care and contains quite remarkable amounts of detail.
The font beneath the pictures is uncertain and uneven. There are spelling errors and an "S" has been reversed. The words are simple.
It begins with "Mummy I love you..." and ends "I love you Mummy". In between is a list of things "Mummy" did for him. "Hugs", "Kisses" and "Stories" are all there.
It is a work of art, a beautiful book. It is the only book Daniel will ever write that his mother will see. She died yesterday with his book in her hands.


widdershins said...

With all that is hurt-full in the world at the moment, there is also love ... like this.

Anonymous said...

Weird Cat - my last attempt to comment came through as being from you - does not make sense that way. Daniel came into us to get the thing staped with the long stapler and I am so damn glad we had one. We all had a sniffle over it - bet you did too. Ros (let's see if it works this time!)

Anonymous said...

The best and most precious of books.

Judy B