Saturday, 20 August 2011

One thousandth upon a time ago

there was a cat who started to write a blog. She began putting her paw prints on the page on the 10th December 2008. The paw prints were not very clear and they may have faded a little.
Being a cat she had very little idea about blogs and blogging and, more importantly still, blog "eti-cat". She prowled rather cautiously into the blogosphere and, for a long time, wondered whether there was any point in visiting it. There did not seem to be any other cats there at all and there were no humans either.
Some humans appeared on the 29th March 2009. This rather startled the cat - who was almost convinced by then that humans did not appear in this virtual world. Indeed, the humans disappeared again for a while but then they started appearing again. They would drop by for a moment and then go again.
The cat was never sure what to make of this. She tried to purr at them and respond nicely when stroked. It made her feel rather irritated with her human friend Vanessa. She blamed Vanessa for giving her the idea that she needed a blog blanket in the first place. Vanessa still remains curiously silent on the subject. Some of Vanessa's friends have prowled in. Occasionally they offer the cat a stroke or rub her fur the wrong way just to remind her about the general importance of humans. They all seem to know a great deal more about the real world and the virtual world than the cat does.
Other humans have appeared too. Where they came from and how they got there remains an absolute mystery to the cat. Sometimes the cat wonders whether they are really there at all but just when it seems unlikely one of them will pounce on her.
In that time the cat's paws have been busy. She has had to earn her tuna, her biscuits and milk.
The cat has also written a book in that time and the draft of another. Her whiskers are twitching with ideas for still other books. Whether a human will be willing to take a cat onto the books for possible publication remains to be seen. Cats are purr-sistent creatures. It may happen.
In the meantime the cat has a severe case of paw itch, a need to keep putting paw prints on the page. Purrlease - if you are reading this - pounce on her occasionally and let her know you are there.


Sarah Pearson said...

This human may do it quietly, but she drops in every day without fail. She may not comment very much, because she doesn't often feel she has anything intelligent to add, but she reads. Every single day.

Anonymous said...


That makes at least two of us who read every day ... or read lots one day after I have spent time away from home and computer!

Well done ... keeping up with the discipline of writing every day must be hard work somedays, but much appreciated by those of us who read each day.

Judy B

jeanfromcornwall said...

Me too! Every morning (because that is how the time difference makes it) you are my first port of call.

Sometimes I comment, when you have struck a chord with me.

Always I wish I could have the discipline and creativity to produce something daily, instead of my own, somewhat sporadic offerings.

But every day, I feel glad to know that you are there.

widdershins said...

Pouncing happening here ... I too read every post, and comment when I've a mind to. Your purrs and furrs are read and welcomed in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Me too Cat! Chris

Frances said...

Some blogs beg for endorsements, Cat. A rare few ask for a conversation, an exchange of ideas.
I read you each day. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not.
You came to my blog once, and left the comment "Whatever" - generally regarded as an expression of contempt. Perhaps you meant it this way, or perhaps you didn't....I took it as such, anyway.
As an older person my perspective is different from yours, although I realise that you are a mature woman. I am interested in your perspective.
I am also interested in the perspective of both younger and much younger people.
And, of course, I am involved with the perspective of those like me and your father who are older. Too often met with the reaction of "whatever".

catdownunder said...

Hello Sarah - I like it when you comment - you say interesting things! So do you Judy - I love prowling in to see what you have created.
I like knowing you are there too Jean (and that you are also a knitter)!
Widdershins, you often have interesting things to say on your blog too.
Chris -thankyou
Frances - I am appalled. I hope I have never been contemptuous of you. I have prowled in to your blog more than once. We see life differently but I certainly do not remember ever leaving a one word "Whatever" on anyone's blog. I would not do it.

Anonymous said...

I, too, read you daily. I especially like posts on family, daily life. Yours is one of four never-miss blogs with whom I start my day.
Elaine in Central New York

liz fenwick said...

purrsistance will get you there:-)

Frances said...

Hello Cat.
I am certainly not going to trawl back though posts to try to prove that you said something that you said that you didn't. So, I accept what you say - when I (thought that I) read it, even at the time it seemed out of character.
Although we interpret certain political/curent events differently, I actually think that we see life the same way.
Those who see it differently are the many who say: "if I don't do it someone else will". or "Everyone else does it, why not me?" and so on and so on.

Frances said...

BTW: I am not suggesting that I am your father's great age: I assume I am somewhere between yours and his.

JO said...

Me - I drop by most days. But I think you know that.

Anonymous said...

G'day, Cat, I'm another who reads your blog daily.

I sometimes comment - but the comments are often edited by the gremlins in the system so they don't get posted! (I assume that those ones are surplus to the information and opinions sloshing around on the internet already.) This is my second attempt today.

You must have great discipline to write a thoughtful piece every day and respond to correspondents, as well as all the other things you do.

Best wishes to you and your father - and other readers too.


Miriam Drori said...

I'm not sure whether I'm a human. Sometimes I get spammed by a fox. Sometimes I just behave strangely. But I visit your blog most days and am glad of this place where I can always find a new post, and many of the posts say a lot to me.

Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts. Or is it 2000? It's a lot compared to my 209, and I'm pleasantly surprised I've managed that many. I used to think I didn't have much to say.

catdownunder said...

Hello Elaine - I often wonder what life is like in the Big Apple. Have you ever thought of writing a blog?
Liz - thanks for the encouragement (everyone else reading this Liz has one well on the way!)
Jo, you keep me on my paws! LMcC - when I thought about doing a blog I knew I had to do it that way - or not do it at all. It means I write something every day - although it may sometimes be nonsense.
Miriam - I think you can find a lot more to say too - lots of us would just like to know about everyday life in Israel instead of all the usual news stories. Is it really so very different from life Downunder. I wonder about that.

Lyn said...

I'm another lurker who checks in with you most days. I love to read your purrspectives on the wide range of topics you touch on, both in the community and within family circles.

Always interesting, and usually thought-provoking. I, too, admire your daily purrsistence. (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)