Sunday, 14 August 2011

There is an upside to

the recent trips to and from my uncle's house. It takes almost an hour to get there by car. I do not drive so I can knit in the car.
At the present time I am working on a "simple" knit project. It is not the sort of thing I usually do but this is being designed with other knitters in mind. There are long plain rows of knit and (seemingly) even longer rows of purl. The yarn in question is linen. It will wear and wash well but it has no elasticity.
Any knitter will know it is more difficult to knit yarn that has no elasticity. I am anxious to move on to a more interesting project, one which is gentler on the hands. Nevertheless I know I am making progress on this and it pleases me. I doubt I would have reached this point without the car journeys.
My sister and I went to the house yesterday. We will go again today. That will have to be it. The professionals will move in after this.
We have persuaded my father his services are not needed. Things will move more rapidly without him. We can be more ruthless. We do not stop and read things that do not need to be read or do not need to be read yet. We are not tempted to look inside the many photograph albums. My sister may do that later and put something together for our cousin. She has taken two thick stacks of charcoal sketches to work through as well. Most of them are likely to be unfinished but, if there is a gem among them, it can be framed for my cousin to keep.
And I will knit my way there and back. I will make something positive of all this to-ing and fro-ing. My sister is not a knitter so there will be no "knitting envy" attached to my activities in the car.


JO said...

Am also a knitter - what will this linen effort be when it's finished? Have never tried knitting with linen - but know all about the feeling of producing something exciting when it feels as if everything around you is falling apart.

catdownunder said...

It is a vest Jo - with alternating stripes of garter/stocking stitch. I have to make something simple for general consumption. Friend here imports the yarn but there are very few patterns to go with it and her work is very different! (Google "Prudence Mapstone" to see some of her amazing creations!)