Friday, 6 January 2012

A very curious telephone

bill arrived yesterday. It is not our bill. It is addressed to a dead man.
My late uncle's mail is being re-directed to us until the middle of February. The re-direction began before his death - at a time when we were still paying his bills. Since then my cousin has arranged for the local executor, a solicitor, to pay the bills. I usually just open the mail and fax it through to the solicitor's office.
The telephone bill however is another matter. It makes no sense. It is a land line. It is in my uncle's name and was sent to his address. This was confirmed by a search of the reverse directory. It is not his old telephone number. It is a completely different number. All the calls have been made after his death.
The bill itself is also extraordinary. There are a number of calls to one-three numbers - banks, a suburban police station and a child support agency.
Almost all the other calls have been made to a variety of mobile numbers - and most of them only last a few seconds. They do not appear to be random calls because some of them are repeated.
There is also a small charge for internet access - for my uncle's e-mail address. That account was closed in October.
The only explanation is that someone is using my uncle's name for their own illegitimate purposes. I have alerted the solicitor's office and my cousin.
We will probably never know the answer.

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