Friday, 13 January 2012

Yesterday looked like being

"one of those days".
My working day can start at 5am, usually by prior arrangement. Someone, somewhere will need to "talk" to me. It will perhaps be very late at night for them or there will be other good reason to need me early in the morning. There has to be good reason for it though. I do not start that early for the fun of it.
Yesterday was an early start day - and yes it was worth it. I did all the other usual things and then started off for some shopping. Thursday is the day I do a "big" shop. I do this about once a month. It means heading to the supermarket and buying the heavy things. The nice boys up there then deliver it sometime during the day - when they have time. I do my bit by trying to do the shopping early.
Not so yesterday. I had done one pedal out of the gate and discovered that I had an almost flat tyre. I am quite capable of pumping up the tyres myself but my father insists it his job. He investigated and said, "Puncture." Oh.
I cannot mend a puncture. My thumbs are not strong enough to get the tyres on and off. My father managed this. New tube? Yes. My father went off on his gopher to get a new tube. Without his gopher we would have had to get a taxi or call on someone to help.
It took most of the morning. I changed my ideas about what we were eating. I made 'phone calls and rearranged things that needed to be rearranged.
"And the drive chain needs tightening," my father told me when he came with filthy hands, "You will need to take it to the bike shop. It needs an expert. I'll give them a call."
Right. They will see to it when I bring it down. I am aware that they will stop doing other things in order to help. It makes me feel bad but it cannot be helped. The bike shop is some distance from the shopping centre and the supermarket. I cannot walk to and from - or cross a major road on foot.
I see to lunch and then set off. I deliver things that need to be delivered on the way. At the bike shop they are busy. It is school holidays. There are always boys hanging around. There is a major bike race coming up, the "Tour Downunder", and this always adds to their workload as interested riders get last minute checks and adjustments. But, they find time for me.
I finally get to the supermarket. One of the boys is going out the back delivery door.
"You're late Cat"
"Flat tyre."
"We are doing last delivery round now."
"Oh, right. I'll leave it until tomorrow."
"No, hold on."
He goes back inside and then comes back and says,
"I can do it on my way home - be a bit before seven - I just live a couple of streets from you."
I know he does and accept the offer.
It was going to be one of those days. The flat tyre was a nuisance but at least I was not halfway to or from the supermarket. I had to get the chain adjusted and that was a nuisance but the bike shop, knowing how dependent I am on my tricycle, fitted me in. The supermarket boy was willing to go a little out of his way to help me.
It all meant I could also get on with what I really needed to do yesterday. I did not have to let anyone down - although I had to delay a couple of things.
Thanks guys. You are great.


Nicole MacDonald said...

People always make exceptions for exceptional people :)

widdershins said...

What a wonderful gift of a day!

catdownunder said...

Thankyou Nicole - but I also think they are exceptional. Widdershins you are right - definitely a gift of a day!