Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Whirlwind is very

impressed. I am the owner of an e-book - and "not any old e-book either". It is an e-book by someone she knows that I know, at least virtually. That makes it even more important in her eyes.
The book is, of course, Nicola Morgan's "WAGSynopsis" or "Write a Great Synopsis". Nicola generously gave me a copy. I suspect she knows I need help or prodding or both - yes, both. The book is all it should be, short, sharp, instructive and written in the inimitable "Crabbit" style.
If you are ever going to write a synopsis then you need to read the book. It will save you a lot of time and angst.

The Whirlwind has been on holiday with her father. They had planned on spending less time than they did but the subsequent booking at the beach house they had rented was cancelled at the last minute. Her father was asked if they would like to stay longer. Apart from the need for them both to find more reading matter and a question of making sure I could go on watering the indoor plants and collect mail they both said an enthusiastic yes.
It would not be every child's idea of a holiday but the Whirlwind is apparently more than content to just be with her father. Apparently they do a lot of reading. He goes fishing - the sort of fishing where you read a book. She draws pictures and reads. They swim and go for walks. It is, no doubt, soothing and relaxing. Certainly her father looks much better than he did before they left. It had been a tough year workwise.
They came home with more books than they went away with. They visited the local charity shop to get more.
I did not mention the word e-book but I knew what the Whirlwind was thinking. If they both had e-readers then they could have an endless supply of reading matter. At least, I thought I knew what the Whirlwind was thinking.
She looked at Nicola's book very carefully. Then she said, "It is very sensible for that sort of book but just imagine what would happen if my Dad took a Kindle with him when he was fishing." Mmm, perhaps it would not be such a good idea?


Nicole MacDonald said...

A waterproof kindle case really is a good idea!
Damsel in a Dirty Dress

widdershins said...

Wise Whirlwind.

Nicola Morgan said...

Hello, Cat (and Whirlwind). Thanks so much for your kind words about my ebook! No, ebooks are not the answer to everything. They have advantages over print books but they also have disadvantages.

People always seem to use the "you can't read it in the bath" argument, as though to say "So, that's that, then." And no, you wouldn't go fishing, probably. But an ebook owner is a book lover and will also have a print book to hand for bath or fishing situations. It seems like a very weak argument. (I know you weren't making it!)