Sunday, 14 October 2012

Have you tried

any "cro-hooking" or "crochet on the double" my friend wants to know. Yes. I know what it is. I have a done a sample square of the basic stitch - and that is about it. I need to know more before the Quilt and Craft Fair in November as I will be helping to sell the basic tool.
I know there is a book about "double ended crochet stitches" in our Guild library as I was the person who put it there. I can access that next weekend. It is unlikely anyone else will be reading it.
In the meantime there is the internet and somewhere in that maze there are videos and other instructions to be had. I will remind myself through a little searching. I will need to be firm with myself and not allow my paws to stray to other sites!
This is the problem with the internet. There is too much information out there. It is a vast - and often inaccurate - encyclopaedia. It is a tool which is abused as much as it is used. I mentioned an example of that earlier this week when I wrote about the video of our Prime Minister delivering a speech.
My father, the proud owner of an i-pad on which he searches for information about things like gardening and woodwork and many other topics, shakes his head at times. He has come across information he knows, from experience, is inaccurate. He has watched woodwork technique videos where the demonstrator fails to observe the most basic of safety skills. It worries him but there is little he can do about it.
But the internet is a valuable resource. When I mentioned it to the two friends who were here for lunch yesterday one of them knew what I was talking about and the other said, "I'll look it up."
Do they still have hard copy encyclopaedias, those long sets of twenty or more volumes filled with, sometimes inaccurate, information - much of it information you would never use or have any interest in? I can look the answer to that up too.
Now though I can, with care, look up almost anything I need to know. If there is an answer to my question then someone somewhere will have answered it.

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