Sunday, 28 October 2012

Showing things I have

made to other people is not something I usually go out of my way to do but one person in the library knitting group had already seen the part-completed experimental vest. As a consequence I took the finished garment to the library yesterday because she wanted to see it. I thought it might be interesting for other people to look at too.
Not so.
One of the group is coming because she is trying to learn to crochet - and is now getting to grips with the craft. But she has also been coming because she has clearly needed support.
We knew her father was ill. He had been in hospital for some months. It was obvious to the rest of us that he was not going to come out again. Nevertheless arrangements were underway for him to go to a nursing home - when one could be found where the staff could handle his medical needs. He wanted to go home to his own little flat. She felt guilty because she could not, however much she wanted to, give him what he wanted.
He died two weeks ago. We did not know of course. We only knew her first name. It is that sort of group. Even if we had known her surname it would not have helped. She goes by her married name.
And, she needed to talk. It has been an horrendous time for her for all sorts of reasons. We sat and listened. Our wildly talkative group was silent. We let her talk and talk. We heard about the half sister she did not know she had, the other half-siblings she had not seen for years and her father's many adventures over the years.
At last she was quiet. It was almost time to go. She had been talking non-stop for almost two hours.
She realised what she had done and started to apologise. No, we told her. You needed to do it. We're glad you did it. It is one of the reasons we get together. Now, show us the square you are doing this time.
Someone helped her work the pattern out so that she can go on working at home. Three of us looked at the border on a beanie and discussed ways of improving it. Someone else looked at the toe of a sock for a new sock knitter. Things were back to normal by the time we packed up to leave.
And the vest? Well it did get out of the bag - just. There was not too much time to look at it. That suited me just fine. I would rather have listened than shown it off.


jeanfromcornwall said...

That is just what knitting groups are for - knitting up the members as well as the yarn.

catdownunder said...

I could not agree more Jean - our Tuesday group at the bookshop was there for someone when her son died. Later she brought biscuits she had made herself to share - because, she said, she appreciated the fact we were there for her. So we should have been - support groups are so important!