Thursday, 25 October 2012

Julia Churchill left a

"tweet" a day or so ago to say that she had just read a picture book submission out loud to herself in several different voices. She did this at home where, presumably, nobody else could hear her.
I wondered what would have happened if she had done this in the office. Her response was that she talked to herself all the time in the office so nobody would have noticed.
I know I talk to myself - usually in the context of writing something. I feel idiotic but I need to know how something sounds.
My father talks to himself, especially when he is working out how to do something or put something together. It often sounds something like, "Now, this bit fits in here and if I..."
But, do other people talk to themselves in the same way? I suspect writers do. They need to know how things sound.
I had to go to the untidy shop yesterday. I looked around at the staff. They all had their mouths shut unless they were talking to a customer. I looked at the customer. They all had their mouths shut unless they were talking to someone else.
I went a little further afield. At the library the staff were talking to the borrowers and the borrowers were talking to the staff. Nobody browsing the shelves was talking to themselves. Someone was bent over a computer terminal and muttering - ah, trying to spell a word.
In the shopping centre it seemed to be the same thing. People were not talking to themselves although they were talking to each other except...
There was a small girl standing by the toy car outside the bank. She filled the car with petrol from the bowser, paid for it and then climbed into the car and drove off. The running commentary was a delight.
It takes imagination to talk to yourself.


Miriam said...

My family laughs at me for talking to myself. I say it helps me to concentrate. Besides, I'm the only one who understands me. Sometimes, even I don't understand.

JO said...

I think everyone talks to themselves, tho most don't admit it. I live alone - and on some days (not many) mine is the only voice I hear. Besides, I sing in a choir, so if I didn't exercise my vocal chords from time to time that would be impossible. Tho maybe I should try to find something more enlightening to say than asking myself where I put my glasses!

virtualquilter said...

If I want a conversation during most of my days I either talk to myself or the walls! The walls are as thick as a brick, so I prefer talking to myself.
So far, I win most of the arguments, but don't get the answers to all my questions, not least the onse about what I am doing here and where the scissors are.

catdownunder said...

I don't always understand myself either Miriam - and (to make matters worse) it can come out in more than one language.
Jo, that's the best excuse yet for talking to oneself.
Okay Judy, what have you done with the scissors? No, wait a moment - the Senior Cat has them!