Saturday, 10 November 2012

I have survived day

two of the craft fair...and all those questions.
      "Do you sell   ?"
      "Have you got any....?"
      "Is there a pattern...?
      "What's it made out of?"
      "Last year I bought X and have..."
      "When's the class?"
      "Can I book for tomorrow's....?"
      "What are these for?"
The last question was asked frequently, so frequently that I suggested to my friend that she do a small sample of "tricot" of "tunisian knitting" to show people how to use the long hooks that look like a crochet hook. 
I can do it too but the sample best comes from her because she is right handed and I am left handed and - well, we work in the opposite direction don't we?! The class she is teaching this year involves using the hooks. It is something very new for most people.
And then there was the woman who came up to the stall. She looked vaguely familiar. Was it someone I should know or a customer from last year?  I do not have a particularly good memory for faces.
She smiled at me and then signed, "Hello."
Ah, a customer from last year. I now remember well and she must remember me because there would not be too many stall holders or their helpers who can sign.
She shows me a photograph of what she has made from the yarn she bought last time - a very fine lace weight scarf from silkand mohair yarn - and tells me she wants to make another one - for her sister.
I find enough sign language to tell her it is lovely (which it is) and ask how long it took her to make it - about ten weeks. She tells me she is "slow".
I show her where to find the right sort of yarn. She spends a little time choosing a colour and then hands me the exact money. "Next year more," she signs and then "thankyou".
I sign another "thankyou" back.
She goes off with a friend who has been waiting. They are talking rapidly now. Their hands are moving elegantly and gracefully and I know my efforts are kindergarten level. I admire her patience with me!

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