Friday, 16 November 2012

There was no hot water

yesterday....unless I put water in the kettle and put it on the gas. We watched sixty gallons - it measured in gallons - of hot water go down the drain very sadly indeed. Water is precious stuff, very precious stuff.
Our problem has been a leaking holding tank. It has now been replaced. This was a major undertaking. It involved making a hole in the roof, getting past the insulation, pulling the old tank out and putting a new one in.
It sounds simple enough said like that but it also meant cutting a beam and then repairing it, disconnecting all sorts of pipes and wires and then reconnecting them. We hope the solar panels will be back to doing their job today and that we will not have to use the off-peak heating.
There is however a problem. Yes, there had to be a problem. The timer switch is not working properly. The off-peak heating is still on. It should not be on this morning. There has been time for the cold water to warm and reach the required temperature.  There was also a little hiccup in the power. The electrician needs to come back and check, something the Senior Cat will see to this morning. No doubtit will be fixed in due course.
I know people who would be on the phone now, demanding things be done immediately. We are prepared to be a little more patient than that. Why?
We have water. We have power. We have hot water. All those things are remarkable. There are people who live with an uncertain supply of the first and none at all of the second. Hot water from a tap would be a luxury beyond belief.
Oh yes, I am prepared to wait when I know that.

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