Thursday, 8 November 2012

I never really doubted the

outcome of the American election - but I am disappointed by it. I preferred the winning candidate but I wonder how much he is going to be able to do.
The numbers show he has lost support and he still has an uncooperative Congress to deal with. My guess is that this is going to be a problem for the next four years and that he will fail to achieve much of what he has promised.
What he needed was the resounding support of the voters and a Congress which was prepared to work with him instead of squabbling among themselves. It did not happen.
All this worries me because it influences our politics more than it should. We are also playing personalities rather than policies.
I worked for a very short while in a politician's electoral office. I did just six weeks. I did it as a favour to the politician's secretary when she needed to go elsewhere with him. Yes, they paid me money - and then the government took almost all of it back again. But they also paid me in a way they could never have imagined. What I managed to learn about the inner workings of politics, power, parliament and government in those six weeks was priceless. I know too much, far too much now to ever really "believe" again.
And the power of their media machines and the media itself worries me.
So, today I am off to do something completely different...I am going to help my friend at the craft fair. I will, hopefully, help people create things rather than destroy things. We need more creativity and cooperation and less destruction in politics too.

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the fly in the web said...

Of all the U.S. Presidential candidates I would have preferred Ron Paul...pulling U.S. troops back and reforming the financial system that is ruining the hopes of the whole world.
So clearly he wouldn't get a nomination.

Obama's record in the near and middle east worries me, as a woman, fearing the future for women in those areas...

I too was once close to political power,long before the media age, and it has worried me ever since that the powerful have managed to refuse to represent the people as a whole without reprisal or reform.