Sunday, 21 July 2013

I would like to make a suggestion

to the Australian government. It is quite a simple one.
Put in place a policy which says, "If you come to Australia by boat without a visa then Australia will not give you permanent residence here. Australia will give you a Temporary Protection Visa and Australia will expect certain things of you."
First of all Australia will expect you to be literate in your mother-tongue. If you are not then Australia will arrange for you to be instructed in it so that you will be literate when you return home.
Second Australia will expect you to learn English. Australia will arrange for you to receive instruction in the English language.
You will attend classes unless ill and you will be required to work very hard at these things.
When Australia is satisfied by your linguistic proficiency you will be sent for training in a peacetime skill needed by the country you have left. If you already have such a skill Australia will see to it that you receive advanced training.
In return you will live where you are sent in Australia. You will receive the basic wage and you will be housed in designated housing. You will not be able to re-locate in Australia without permission.
You will be able to access health services and, in particular, mental health services should you need them.
Naturally you will not break the law.  Any breach of the law or refusal to comply with the above conditions will be cause for immediate deportation.
When Australia considers it is safe to do so you will be repatriated to your own country and you will be required to use the skills you have gained here to rebuild your own country, including passing theoretical and practical knowledge on to the next generation. Unless prevented by illness you will work in your skills area for at least the time you spent in Australia.
Should you at any time return to your country of origin of your own volition then you will not be permitted to return to Australia but you will still be bound by the above conditions.
This programme will be expensive. Therefore it will be paid for in part by a reduction of aid to Indonesia of at least $200,000 for each person who arrives by boat without a proper visa.
I suspect that, if implemented, the number of arrivals by sea would be dramatically reduced almost immediately. Australia would also be doing something positive to assist troubled countries - and doing it in a manner which can be controlled on Australia's territory.
Is there any chance of it being implemented? None at all. It would be politically inconvenient. 


Anonymous said...

Cat, I have to agree with you but this is all about Rudd winning the election. Chris

jeanfromcornwall said...

Of course it won't be implemented - it is a suggestion that is reasonable, practical, and humane.

Anonymous said...

The current PM will not do that ... too close to what he dismantled and he will not admit he made even a slight mistake. Though shaving cuts are not a problem ... doesn't mind sharing them with the world.!

catdownunder said...

Let's see if the 'Tiser prints my challenge Judy - it might not. It's a bit long.
Jean I detest the PM for making political capital out of such misery. He is a thoroughly obnoxious man.