Wednesday, 31 July 2013

There are reports coming in

that the driver of the Spanish train was on the phone at the time he crashed it. What??? You're driving a high speed train full of passengers and you are on the phone?
Oddly, there have also been reports in our state newspaper over the last couple of days of a survey done among local car drivers and yes, one in three drivers admits to "texting while driving". My guess is that is an underestimate and that it is probably closer to one in two. Some people will never admit to breaking the law.
Then there are the people who drive one handed so they can talk on their hand-held devices. They are breaking the law too. 
"But it was just a quick call." (Five minutes is a "quick call"?)
"I've been waiting for that call." (I left the office early but I didn't want anyone to know.)
"Look it was urgent." (I'm going out tonight with my girl/boy friend tonight and I had to book the restaurant.)
"I just wanted to be sure..." (I'm picking the kids up and I'm not really supposed to stop there but I reckon I can if it only takes a moment.)
"I just wanted to know if..." (I might need to do some shopping on the way home if there isn't any milk left.)
I could probably reel off another dozen excuses in my sleep. I have heard these and overheard these dozens of time. We once managed without mobile devices at all. They have their uses, especially in an emergency, but is it really necessary to be in constant communication. Of course not.
Time and time again I have wanted to report these idiots but I know people who have and the police reaction is that, unless they catch them in the act, there is little they can do about it. Indeed I have seen those same police breaking the same laws. No doubt they have other excuses.
People simply just don't seem to care that they are breaking the law. They don't seem to see this as important. For some reason it is not seen in the same light as drink-driving or drug-driving although it is every bit as dangerous. Like breaking the speed limit it is seen as "Look this is really perfectly safe. I know what I am doing. I am a responsible driver. I am not going to have an accident. That only happens to people who don't know how to handle the situation. I do. The law is ridiculous."
The technology must surely exist which would not allow people to use their mobile devices in a moving vehicle...and I don't mean the "off" button as humans are apparently not sufficiently responsible to use it.
Two days ago there was an accident on a road near us. A number of vehicles were involved. It took a long time to sort the mess out. Fortunately nobody was killed or even seriously injured.
The reason? Someone was apparently texting someone else to tell them that there was "a bit of fog" and urging them to "be careful".


Anonymous said...

Drink/drunk driving was not considered as a seriously stupid action not so many years ago.


Judy Edmonds said...

The report I heard said that he was on the phone AND going about 50kms over the speed limit for the location at the time. Fortunately he survived so i hope he can be appropriately prosecuted.

catdownunder said...

Do you mean the train driver Judy? Their media was reporting speed and using a phone... unbelievable.

And drink-driving was common when we lived in rural Australia - of course there were very few police around!