Monday, 18 November 2013

Authors for Philippines

is to be  found here - and, if you happen to be reading this blog then I would ask you to go and look at that page. Bidding closes at 8pm GMT on Wednesday.
It is filled with offers by authors, editors, agents, illustrators and others. You can bid on those offers, pay the money to the British Red Cross (and yes, they take international donations and PayPal - I checked) and also receive something in return.
There are some very generous offers there and the bidding on some of them is quite high - far more than I can afford. I plan to prowl in and see if there is anything within my price range on Wednesday.
It's a particularly nice idea because it allows writers, who are generally not at all well off, to raise money for a cause that anyone with imagination and compassion has to care about.
Perhaps someone reading this can donate to a much needed campaign and get an unusual present for someone at the same time?
I'll stop here and let you use your blog reading time over there...


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow - this is fantastic!! Thanks for the info - mind of I repeat this over at my blog too? This is brilliant!! Take care

catdownunder said...

go for it - I am sure they won't mind - there were still things being added last night

Jan said...

I have made a bid on an item and have also publicised this on an international forum.

Jan said...

Just thought of Ravelry so have added it to one of the groups I post to.