Saturday, 9 November 2013

There are other words

begin with the letters "G", "F" and "C", not just Global Financial Crisis.
Apparently the cousin whose memorial service we attended last Saturday felt rather strongly about this. She told her partner she was tired of hearing about the Global Financial Crisis and she would rather hear about Gratitude, Forgiveness and Courage.
This was mentioned in the eulogy.
My cousin had, if it is possible, a Christian-Buddhist outlook on life. My cousin took "mindfulness" - that Buddhist concept of attempting to see things as they really are without allowing emotion to get in the way -  and tried to combine it with the fundamental principles of Christianity. 
It is probably not a bad way to live - although how many of us would succeed? I know I don't. I doubt she thought she did.
Gratitude? I know I have often resented feeling I should be grateful.
Forgiveness? To truly forgive someone who has hurt you is probably the hardest thing of all. How can you cease to be hurt? Achieve that and you have probably achieved more than almost any human who has ever lived. I've tried but, if I am honest, I have problems with that.
Courage? I am not a brave a cat. I am a coward. There are all sorts of things I have never done, never achieved and never will achieve because I have been too frightened to try them but I doubt my cousin was thinking of that sort of courage. I imagine she was thinking of courage as it relates to living with others.
How many of us are really good at living with other people? We can't do without them but we want them there on our terms - or I do, even when I like to think I don't. Worse, there have been times when I have remained silent rather than speak up. That is real cowardice.
I wondered what I could substitute for the letters "G", "F" and "C". What should I try and strive for if I can't meet those expectations?
What about Grace, Friendship and Compassion? I'll keep trying.
If you have more suggestions then could you please leave them here. Thankyou.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect you do rather well with Grace, Friendship and Compassion.