Thursday, 17 July 2014

Carbon tax - will they or won't they

repeal it today? It has been debated - although the Opposition of course will claim that it has not been sufficiently debated. They want to keep it now - although they were singing a different tune before the election.
The new kids on the block - mostly PUPs (Palmer United Party) don't seem to be too sure what they want. They keep switching sides - sometimes because they appear confused about what they are actually for and what the outcome will be. Their leader (who appears to believe that he is both Prime Minister and dictator) wants some sort of "emissions trading scheme". I am not sure he is going to get it.
It is a mess.
I am tired of the global warming debate. I wish we could have a serious debate about looking after the environment instead. I really don't think "global warming" is the issue we should be concerned about. The environment is the issue. If we don't look after the environment then there is absolutely no point in worrying about global warming.
I don't know whether global warming is an issue. The science appears to be contradictory and confused. I am not prepared to believe the alarmists on either side of the debate. No, I am not fence sitting either. I just don't know. I doubt the scientists really know either. Researchers tend to find the results they want to find around such issues. Statistics can be read one way or another.
What I do know is that there is a lot of money and power tied up in the argument about global warming - or lack of it. It is why, even when trees are planted, the wrong sort of tree is planted. We should not be planting quick growing pines and eucalypts but slower growing hard woods that do not present the same fire danger and offer a greater diversity of habitat for wildlife. Reforestation should not be about money and power.
That money and power needs to be redirected - redirected into improving the environment and reducing the negative influence of companies like Monsanto. It is Monsanto which should be fined when their products pollute an organic farm - not the other way round. If we look after the environment we will not need their genetically modified, one use only, seeds to grow crops to feed the world. If we look after the environment then we will be able to feed everyone.
Sorry everyone but I have had enough of this "global warming" issue. It's the wrong issue. Please plant a hardwood tree - or arrange to have one planted somewhere. It will be a start.


Anonymous said...

Well Cat the tax has gone. Now working on the alternatives - you may yet get your wish for a more environmental focus. Chris

Anonymous said...

I started looking for information about global warming when we were in the middle of a drought. I didn't really see anything happening around the country which hadn't happened before. I do believe in climate change, but I don't believe carbon has anything to do with it, or CO2 either, and I am not convinced the temperature is rising, or falling, to a dangerous level in my lifetime, and if it does anything later it will be just as likely to be dangerously low.

Sometime in the not too distant future I do believe there will be something which will be the next thing to kill us all if we don't give somebody lots of money.

jeanfromcornwall said...

I don't believe in "Global Warming", but I do believe in climate change - after all, that is what the planet has been doing since before life began. The trouble is that there has been so much dodgy data and skewed pronouncing that it is hard to trust anyone on the matter, especially when they are travelling the world in jet planes to tell us under-mortals that we have got to deprive ourselves. It has become a gravy train, and an opportunity to steal money by taxation.
Just when my first baby was born, we were being told that the next ice age was about to begin- as soon as within the next ten years! I remember looking around the chilly, badly insulated house we lived in, and thinking "Now I'm going to have another baby, and how am I going to keep it, and the big sister, alive in this?" Hmmm!