Saturday, 26 July 2014

Every year a "sea of hands"

is planted by ANTAR - Australians for Native Title and Recognition. The first "sea" was planted in 1997 and each year another "sea" has been planted. The idea is also used in schools and by community groups.
It was the inspiration for one of our neighbours when she made her quilt of hands. She drew around the hand of each member of her extended family and appliqued them on to a quilt cover. It is a unique quilt.
Last week we were talking about the quilt. Her grandparents are now deceased and she said, "But I will always have a part of them on the quilt."
It's a lovely idea.
I have made mittens and gloves for other people. Someone has made mittens for me.
I made a tiny mitten for a "mitten tree" a friend made as a gesture for peace after the appalling 9/11 incident,
Albrecht Durer's "Praying Hands" is one of the most widely reproduced pieces of artwork.
And there was a blog post about hands yesterday. I never knew artist Sally Collins but Linda Strachan talked about her and they held hands over the wonderful "Hamish McHaggis" books. When Sally was too ill to have visitors Nicola Morgan suggested people draw their hands for her and send a message inside them. Sally died before she saw the hands but apparently she knew they were there.
I wonder what she thought.
It would surely have been some comfort to know that your friends were all, in their own way, holding your hand.
It would surely be a way of knowing you were not alone. I hope so anyway.

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