Monday, 21 July 2014

The conspiracy theories

are flying around again. Some people even seem to believe that the MH17 disaster is the work of aliens from outer space or a God-given punishment or a deliberate attempt to start a major international conflict.
Such nonsense makes me angry. I am angry because it makes it even harder for the families of the victims to cope with the situation. I am angry because it makes the delicate international negotiations even harder.
Much of the reporting around the incident has been contradictory and, quite frankly, irresponsible. We still don't know what happened. We may never know what happened. Trying to lay blame does not help. It just further encourages a lack of cooperation on the part of those responsible.
There is something else that angers me too. Here other people are using the situation for their own political purposes. Our Prime Minister is being criticised for his "handling" of the affair. Our Foreign Minister is being criticised too. The Opposition leader was given prime air time - to criticise the way in which the government was handling the situation. Oh yes, he sympathised and said the right things but nobody edited out the uncalled for or unnecessary jibe at the government.
Whatever you happen to think of the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister now is not the time to be criticising them or making their job that much harder. The media, and the Opposition, should be offering maximum support so that a united message is sent to the families of the victims. Those families should not be led to believe that the government is not doing everything it can to help. Those responsible should not be able to use divisions to further exploit an event of unspeakable cruelty.
Yes, other heads of government are also being criticised for their reaction to and handling of the affair. Our political leaders are always seen as being "fair game" for criticism but, in these circumstances, it is incredibly irresponsible. It is also dangerous.
We don't know what happened. If we want to know then we will allow others to get on with the job without analysing every word and every move. We will support them so that we can also support those who lost someone.


Anonymous said...

Afraid there has just been another round of highly irresponsible and quite unwarranted criticism - because the PM is speaking personally to families of the victims. Chris

Frances said...

That's interesting, Chris: I hadn't seen that. Can you post a link?

catdownunder said...

Chris works in Parliament House Frances - if he says something like that I'd trust him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frances
Sorry, no link to anything in the print media - caught some comments on air just before lunch yesterday. Fortunately they don't seem to have been taken any further. If I do see anything I'll be letting everyone know. Chris

Frances said...

Thanks, Chris.
I wasn't mistrusting him, Cat: I was interested in reading the comments.