Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Does anyone recognise this?

I am, at the request of someone else, putting this up here. I know it is unpleasant and not at all likely but the further it goes the more likely it is that someone will recognise it and perhaps help the police identify the body of the very young girl who was wrapped in it. She was dumped on the roadside in a remote rural location in South Australia but she might come from anywhere at all.
It might be a one off quilt made by someone who actually loved her. It might have been bought by someone at a fete or fair or in a craft shop somewhere. 
It would once have been bright and colourful and in all probability loved by this child. Someone, somewhere knows something.
I have been asked if you are a Downunderite "who has not yet passed it on to people you know please do".



Helen Devries said...

Poor child.

Judy Edmonds said...

I remember a couple of those fabrics, especially the musical notes - very popular several years ago. It's a heartbreaking story.