Thursday, 16 July 2015

There have been reports of a child's body

being found next to a rural highway.  The child has, according to reports, "clearly been murdered". There is a suitcase with scattered belongings nearby.
Little more is known at present. The police apparently have no more information they can give. 
That is perfectly reasonable. If there is little more than a skeleton and the child is young enough then it may be impossible to even tell the sex. The police were not even able to offer any information about how long the skeleton may have been there.
I don't know that particular road but I know others like it. Disposing of a body would not be difficult in the remote areas of this state. Stories like this one make me all too aware of that. I wonder how many times it has happened - because it must have happened. 
People disappear. They "go missing". In the early days of the colony it  would have been very easy indeed for murder to take place and nobody would have been any the wiser. Someone might simply have been considered "lost" and never found again. Even if people had their suspicions it would have been difficult to prove. This colony was not a particularly lawless one. It was not settled by convicts but life was harsh. Some of those who came were, inevitably, people whose relatives were happy to see them go.
But, a child in the present day? Was the child reported missing? What if the child has not been reported as missing? How is it that nobody has noticed the child was missing? Did the mother move? Was she harmed too? How could anyone give birth and not report their child as missing?  
And the child? What did they know or feel? 
Someone left the body there in a remote area. They just dumped the body, apparently not even bothering to bury it. Were they in too much of a hurry? Were they afraid? Didn't they care? What? 
All those questions go through my mind. My imagination asks many more. The writer in me says, "story".
The person in me says a child tossed out like a discarded toy in a lonely place. Someone should have been able to rescue that child.

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