Wednesday, 29 July 2015

We had a little alarm clock

"fun" here this morning.
The Senior Cat had to be up early. He has an appointment. It means getting up about an hour earlier than usual. Right.
I am always up at around 5:30 to 5:45am. It is not by choice but by necessity. When I "retire" I may manage to stay in bed a little longer. 
The Senior Cat prowls out at around 7:30am. He has breakfast, as is his right, at a leisurely pace. He reads the paper while he is doing it. (That takes up most of the space at the small table.)
"I'll put the alarm on,"  he told me before he went to bed last night.
"Which one?" I asked.
"Both of them - in case I don't hear one."
I nod. I know I will be up. He doesn't actually need to put the alarm on. By the time he is ready to get up "early" I will have checked the urgent e-mails, put a load of washing in, eaten breakfast, glanced at the paper and... well, you get the idea.
I heard the alarms go off. I checked. Yes, he was up. The light was on in his bedroom. I heard one alarm stop but the other one went on and on and on.
"Turn it off!"
"I can't!"
He brought a little clock out and held it out to me.
"I can't turn it off!"
"It is off," I told him, "It's the other alarm which is going."
"No, it's this one."
"It's the other one." 
"It's this one. It's broken."
"All right but may have a look at the other one?"
"If you want to - but I know I'm right. I can hear it."
He prowls back to the bedroom with me following.
He picks up the other alarm clock - and turns it off. I said nothing except,
"I'll take the sheets off your bed now."


JO said...

When my grandson comes to stay he's not allowed to come in to me till 7 in the morning.

One day he came in a 6.30. 'Grandma, my clock has broken,' I wasn't going to sort it at that hour, so he climbed in with me.

The clock was not broken - had had taken the battery out!

catdownunder said...

I have just seen this Jo - clever thinking!