Thursday, 10 September 2015

An un expected day out

was not on the agenda yesterday.
The Senior Cat was going to the state's Royal Show with Middle Cat and one of Middle Cat's nieces. They hired a wheelchair and Middle Cat, who still gets tired, used his walker. Niece pushed. They apparently had an excellent time watching things like wood chopping and performing pigs. 
I avoid crowds. I am not very good at prowling through them. In any case I had the biennial breast screen appointment. After that I had arranged to call in on a friend and try to sort out a knitting problem. 
I told her I would be there about 11:30am.
"I'll put the kettle on for you," she told me. That was unexpected as it was getting a bit late in the morning for morning tea.
She came out looking for me just as I arrived, put the kettle on and talked - but not about the knitting problem. She made the tea and talked some more - but not about the knitting problem. Then she said, "You'll stay for lunch?"
I protested but she waved my protests down and made the two of us a very casual and simple lunch. We talked - but not about the knitting problem.
I love conversation with her. She was once a member of our Federal Parliament. Her experiences are many and varied. We don't always agree and my politics are more centrist and possibly measured than hers but she is one of the few people with whom I can talk politics, philosophy and theology - and just about anything else.  She is older than I am too. 
Eventually she suggested another mug of tea. I agreed and then said firmly that the knitting problem must be dealt with. We talked some more - but not about the knitting.
I looked at my watch when she went off to find something and knew I would have to leave very soon or the school traffic would be very heavy. Even though I can ride my tricycle on the footpaths I don't like being out at that time if I can avoid it. Kittens tend not to look where they are going and have to be watched extremely carefully.
She came back and gave her as stern a look as I could manage and she said, "Yes - but talking with you is such good fun."
It was a lovely compliment. We sorted out a start to the problem of the knitting pattern and she came out to see me pedal off. We hugged.
"I enjoyed today," she told me. 
"I did too."
No, it was not I planned to do. I had planned to do things I can't do while the Senior Cat is in the house. 
But, somehow, it didn't matter. Being with a friend is just as important sometimes. 


jeanfromcornwall said...

People matter more than anything, which is why I wanted to give rather belated congratulations on your previous post - lap it up , dear, it is earned!

Carole Blake said...

How lovely to be able to make time for a spontaneous day with a friend. The warm friendship certainly comes through in this post.

catdownunder said...

Thank you Jean - not sure I will ever lap up lavish praise (especially when so many people helped in the end( but yes, it was nice of them.
I paid for it today Carole - but yes, absolutely worth it! You would find her very interesting company - she reads a lot!